Gate Pedestrian with Palisade

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Specifications for Gate Pedestrian with Palisade

Height 900mm High or 1000mm High or 1100mm High or 1200mm High or 1300mm High or 1400mm High or 1500mm High or 1600mm High or 1700mm High or 1800mm High or 1900mm High or 2000mm High or 2100mm High or 2200mm High or 2300mm High or 2400mm High or 2500mm High or 2600mm High or 2800mm High or 2900mm High or 3000mm High or 2700mm High
Width 900mm Wide or 1000mm Wide or 1100mm Wide or 1200mm Wide or 1300mm Wide or 1400mm Wide or 1500mm Wide or 1600mm Wide or 1700mm Wide or 1800mm Wide or 1900mm Wide or 2000mm Wide
Type of Material Domestic or Industrial
Gap Between Pales 70mm Gap or 90mm Gap or 110mm Gap