Palisade Fencing

neat design - very sharp edges - galvanized - easy installation - straight lines - delivery - stainless steel bolts - secure brackets

High-quality galvanized Palisade Fencing with a difference manufactured to your required sizes.
Order your fence today and we deliver within 7 to 14 days anywhere in South Africa.

What makes our fence different from all the other fences on the market.  We are the only company manufacturing exactly according to your sizes, just give the measurements between your walls and pillars, we normally send you the posts first to be planted into concrete as your property allows. You send us the measurements and we manufacture your panels exactly to the required size and deliver it to your door. This fence is very sharp, and super strong and cannot sag so you need no anti-sag measurements like all other fences. You get detailed installation instructions and can install yourself. We make it easy and accessible to you our valued customer and will guide you every step of the way until fully installed.

Why installing a galvanized Palisade Fence.  There will be no maintenance for at least 10 years, it is installed with stainless steel bolts nuts and washers and glass-filled nylon brackets that make it more durable and rustproof. By painting your mild steel fence you incur regular maintenance at least every 3 years that can easily be much more expensive than a galvanized fence in the long run.