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Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing

Panels in custom sizes

The Pales, Bearers and Posts rolled out of Z275 Galvanised Steel. Bolts, Nuts and Washers grade 304 Stainless Steel. Specially designed Brackets moulded in Glass-filled Nylon for a secure application. Plant your Posts first as your site allows it and order your Panels afterwards to ensure a professional installation.

Palisade Sliding gate‚Äč


order your gate to size

We manufacture Sliding Gates, Pedestrian Gates and Double Swing Gates to fit exactly in your opening. The Gate Frames manufactured with 76x76x1.6mm Square Tube and 76x50 Rectangular Tube and Hot Dipped Galvanised afterwards. Then the Frames are Filled with our Palisade Panels to match the Fence.  



for your walkways or pool

The Balustrades are manufactured the same way as the Palisade Fencing with a small difference, the top is finishing off with a Round Tube clamped in the Fence design and it forms a smooth top with perfect straight lines. It can be Powder Coated in any colour to match your Building design.

Palisade Fence on top of wall

On top of the Wall

manufactured in any format

We manufacture and design to fit our fence on any application, on top of walls, vibracrete, steel structures and more.

Palisade World Bracket

Nylon Brackets

our unique components

Our Bracket system is designed to be very secure, once our bolts and nuts are broken off, it makes it nearly impossible to get to the bolts

Palisade Posts

Our Posts

unique posts rolled to your size

Our Posts designed with a special cap only available at Palisade World