Palisade Panels made to order

Our Panels are manufactured with W-Shaped Pales and a double Bearers system. The Pales are bolted in-between the Bearers, which make it extremely rigit. The Panels are fixed to Steel Posts or walls with a special designed bracket that makes it very secure.

These panels can be ordered as DIY fencing. 

The different types of palisade panels are: 

  • Panels between pillars, 
  • Freestanding fence panels, 
  • On top of wall panels

Palisade Panel Prices

Palisade Panel
Balustrade Panel

Balustrade Panels

The Balustrade panels are manufactured in the same way as the palisade panels with a rounded top instead.

The various applications for these panels are:

  • Walkways 
  • Balconies
  • Pool fencing

Balustrade Panel Prices

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